A giant tortoise can travel 0.13 miles in 1 hour. At this rate, how long would it take the tortoise to travel 1 mile

Accepted Solution

Answer:The tortoise will take 7.692 hours to travel 1 mileStep-by-step explanation:Step 1: Determine the distance and timeDistance=0.13 miles, intime of=1 hourStep 2: Calculate the speed of the tortoiseThe speed of the tortoise can be expressed as;Speed=Distance/timewhere;Distance=0.13 milestime=1 hourreplacing;Speed=0.13/1=0.13 miles per hourThe tortoise travels at a speed of 0.13 miles per hourStep 3: Calculate time it takes for 1 mileUsing the expression;time=distance/speedwhere;Distance=1 milespeed=0.13 miles per hourtime=treplacing;time=(1/0.13)time=7.692 hoursThe tortoise will take 7.692 hours to travel 1 mile