BRAINLIEST!!!!! match each equation with the correct type of function.n/m=1.5 v=1/3bhy=-7vw=-18inverse variationstep functionjoint variationdirect variationconstant

Accepted Solution

Answer:n/m = 1.5 is direct variationv = 1/3 bh is joint variationy = -7 is constant vw = -18 is inverse variationStep-by-step explanation:* Lets explain the types of variation- Direct variation is a relationship between two variables that can be  expressed by an equation in which one variable is equal to a constant  times the other # Ex: the equation of a direct variation y = kx , where k is a constant- Inverse variation is a relationship between two variables in which their  product is a constant. - When one variable increases the other decreases in proportion so  that their product is unchanged# Ex: the equation of a inverse variation y = k/x , where k is a constant- Joint variation is a variation where a quantity varies directly as the  product of two or more other quantities# Ex: If z varies jointly with respect to x and y, the equation will be of   the form z = kxy , where k is a constant- The constant function is a function whose output value (y) is the   same for every input value (x)* Lets solve the problem∵ n/m = 1.5 ⇒ multiply both sides by m∴ n = 1.5 m∵ The equation in the shape of y = kx∴ n/m = 1.5 is direct variation∵ v = 1/3 bh∵ 1/3 is a constant∴ v is varies directly with b and h∴ v = 1/3 bh is joint variation∵ y = -7∴ All output will be -7 for any input values∴ y = -7 is constant ∵ vw = -18∵ -18 is constant∵ The product of the two variables is constant∴ vw = -18 is inverse variation