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Accepted Solution

Answer:A = 3,-1B = 2, 4C = -3, 0D = 1,-1Step-by-step explanation:First, you should know that the first number is the x axis, and the second number is the y axis. You ALWAYS find the x axis first. Next, you start from the origin point, 0. 0 is where the two lines meet. Starting from 0, you move the point three spaces to the right, and one down to get to point A. So, the coordinate would be 3,-1. For point B, you would move two points to the right, and 4 down. That brings you to 2,4 the coordinates for point B. Do the same things for C and D. Go three spaces left, and stay there. That would be -3,0. For D, go right 1, and one down. Remember UP and RIGHT = Positive, DOWN and LEFT = Negative. Hope this helped!