the table below represents the function F help

Accepted Solution

In the table, it shows the x values and the corresponding y values under it [aka f(x)].

The problem is basically asking which equation, a,b,c or d will get the y values with the x values.

we can try this with x value 3 and y value 7

a. 3^x=3^3=3*3*3=27
27 is so far away from 7 so a must be wrong

still not 7 therefore b is also wrong

c. 2^x-1= 2^3-1=8-1=7
7=7 therefore this one might be right, but to make sure we have to check if d is correct or not

d. 2x+1=2*3+1=7
7=7 so d is also correct for the first set of values.

Next we should use the next available values until one of the answers c or d is confirmed wrong

x value 4 and y value 15

c. 2^4-1=16-1=15

d. 2x+1=8+1=9
9 does not work

Therefore, the answer should be c.